Frequently Ask Questions

We are closed on Tuesdays. On any other day 9am - 5pm

We have 2 sessions in a day. Morning session 9am - 1pm, Afternoon 1pm - 5pm.

Theres no minimum but it’s nicer to play with minimum 6 people where you will have 3 vs 3, any less and you may not have a good game. As for maximum, our capacity is 300 players.

We have food and beverage outlet at the park. You may order your food before coming. You may bring your own food and beverage, just let our staff know ahead of time.

The minimum age is 12 years and above. Yes we can organise a paintball game for kids and teens but an adult guardian must be present and provided that all participants has parent consent. They also must be able to fit into our safety gear.

We have various packages for sale and everyone that plays need to buy a package, you cannot share a package.

Mudtrekker is a field paint centre, this means all paintball pellets used at our field must be bought from us.

A cap which can be used as added buffer between your head and mask strap, long sleeve shirt and pants, a sweat towel which you may also use to wrap around your neck as a protector, good covered shoes (this is a must to play) - do not bring old shoes as they will break.

Car park for 200 cars. Shower and toilets Lockers

GPS: N3.13942, E101.50096
Map download link: http://bit.ly/2mjZHnz

Mudtrekker has 5 Game fields and 1 tournament speedball arena. Game fields: Camelot Castle, Wild West Town, Fox Hole Valley, A-Famosa Fort, Angker Hill. You may play at any field you like or you may play in all fields. All our fields are spectator friendly so those not playing can watch from outside.

A paintball marshal will be allocated to each group to coordinate your games.

All participants must book through our website.

Bookings are considered confirmed and cannot be refunded if you cancel or postpone the date. In the event of heavy rain or a compelling & compassionate reason, we will allow a postponement of maximum 30days. Compelling & compassionate reasons such as circumstances beyond your control. The circumstances must have happened after you’ve made the booking.

Kindly be informed that billings will be based on the guaranteed attendance given, even if the actual attendance is less than the guaranteed number.  However, should the actual attendance exceed that of the guaranteed, billings will be based on the actual attendance.

Any deposits paid are non-refundable.

All participants are required to register by filling in a release of indemnity form before playing the games, you may download the for here: http://tiny.cc/28jb6y